Aug 25 2013

September Meetings

Our program for the September 3rd meeting will be: “The Secret to Pasque Flower Phototgraphy- Hernia Surgery”  to be presented by Ralph Wamsher, an avid flower photographer from Watertown. His photography isn’t actually limited to Pasque Flowers, but he turned down several my suggested titles….but…knowing Ralph I’m sure any of these would work as well:
” Lessons on Life and Love as Learned Throughout My Life as a Gonzo Flower Photographer”
“Copeing With the Hazards and Dangers of Domestic and Wildflower Photography”
” Getting Down and RAW with Flora – and Hoping My Wife Won’t Catch Us…”

Our second meeting in September will be on Tuesday, September 17. It will be our monthly critique night, and participants are encouraged to bring 3 images for critique and discussion.

Meetings will be held at the Oak View Library in Sioux Falls at 7:00 p.m.