Jan 01 2016

Notes & Previews from the NEW “Program Guy” (Marty DeWitt)

The new year offers a new opportunity to put together some great entertaining AND educational programming and activities for SFCC. As you may recall, I have been joined by Nancy Tesdall, Sandy Jorgenson, Kent Staubus, Rob Junker and Steve Thompson to create a new “Program Committee”, and we will be putting together programs and “stuff” for 2016. As always, we welcome any ideas and suggestions for members for things  YOU would like to see or learn about. Please give any of us your ideas and we will see if we can make them happen! We have been a bit like “Procrastinators Anonymous”, but will be meeting in earnest during January to lay out a future plan. So get your ideas together and reach out to one of us as soon as you can!
Some ideas that have been floating around include the following:
   New Gadgets & Equipment Demos
   Taking Better Travel Photos
   Photography & The Law (What You Can & Can’t Do In Public Places)
   Travelogues – Gone Anywhere Cool Lately?
   Up Close & Personal! Capturing The Macro World In Photos
   Tips For Great Wildlife Photos
   Night Sky Photography – Equipment & Techniques
   Image Workflow – Backups, Storage & Memory Card Management
   Product Photography for EBAY Sellers
   Now That I’ve Printed It, What Do I Do? – Framing, Mounting & Other Print Display Options
   Photo Treks – Off-Site Guided Photography Adventures
   Photo Swap Meet – Got Some Old Stuff To Trade/Sell?
   Archiving The Past – What To Do With Old Slides, Prints & Negatives
I’m sure this is just the tip of the photo “iceberg”, but hopefully it will get the wheels turning. If you would like to consider presenting one of these topics, if you have other ideas for a presentation you’d like to make, or know of someone outside the club who would have a great program offering, PLEASE LET US KNOW!


  1. Terri Mitchell

    I found your website looking for Camera Stores looking for possible buyers for my dad’s camera collection. Over the 50 years he was an avid photographer and won a few amateur contests. He also bought quite a few camera–mostly 35 mm Minolta’s, some Canon’s–which he has approximately 7-10+. His hobby included also buying many accessories: lighting, lenses, filters, and flashes. I think he now only has one digital. His equipment is pretty much brand new as his eye sight started to fail about 10 years ago but he still bought cameras. His hobby also included buying antique cameras which I am not sure work–i.e., a few of ones that fold up and also ones that you look down into the lense.

    My dad has been in a Nursing Home in Aberdeen for the last 8 months. My sister is his Guardian and wants to sell the house this Spring so we need to find a home for his collection. I now live in Sioux Falls. If you have any questions or are serious about seeing pics, we could email or my sister could send a list of what he has…it would take awhile…lol.

    My phone # is 605-786-4346 with any questions.

  2. Linda Sandness

    Please forward this to Marty DeWitt. Thanks!
    Marty, I have a quick question for you. Please give me a call at 605-584-3827. If I’m not there, please leave your phone number and I will call you back. Thanks! Linda

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