Feb 05 2017

February Meetings

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Oak View Branch Library 3700 E. 3rd St. (corner of E. 3rd and Bahnson), 7:00pm

So, now that you have that GREAT shot, what do you do with it?

We all spend countless dollars and hours trying to get that one great photograph, and once we do, more times than not they end up getting lost on a memory card, hard drive or deep within the bowels of our smart phones. Tuesday night, Sandy Jorgenson, Nancy Tesdall and Marty DeWitt are going to give a presentation on different ways to bring those images to life and put them on display for all to see and enjoy. They will be exhibiting different printing media like canvas, metal and wood prints, different framing techniques, unique books, cards and stationery, and other creative gifts and keepsakes which will inspire you to share your awesome photos with others. They will have many examples of products available, lists of vendors and will even have some great door prizes to get some of you started. This should be fun and informative, so bring a friend along!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Oak View Branch Library 3700 E. 3rd St. (corner of E. 3rd and Bahnson), 7:00pm

Photo Share Night. Please bring 3-4 images of your choice for discussion & sharing. You can either email your images to Brian at sfccphotos@gmail.com or bring them to the meeting on a thumb drive. If you email them, please send them in no later than 6 pm on Monday, February 20.

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