Oct 01 2017

October Meetings

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Oak View Branch Library 3700 E. 3rd St. (corner of E. 3rd and Bahnson), 7:00pm

Auto focus problems and how to solve them.” presented by Steve Thompson

Virtually every modern auto focus camera can miss intended focus on occasion. No matter what model you have there are things we can all do to get a higher percentage of sharp images. We will go over a few tips to help that goal. If you consistently miss focus, many bodies are able to fine tune your auto focus. The majority of the program will be a demonstration of the Lens Align and Focus Tune software.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Oak View Branch Library 3700 E. 3rd St. (corner of E. 3rd and Bahnson), 7:00pm

Photo Share Night. Please bring 3-4 images of your choice for discussion & sharing. Please bring your photos to the meeting on a thumb drive. Note: Brian and Shannon are going to be gone that night, so we will need someone to volunteer to run the meeting.

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