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Competitions – In Club

We have two in club competitions per year, in May and December. We have two categories: Digital Color and Digital Black & White.

For this competition all paid members are invited to participate. Some members may feel they can’t compete because they are inexperienced or have deficient photography equipment.  There’s no excuse not to give it a try, Great pictures have come from inexperienced photographers with just a “point and shoot” camera.

There are two digital categories:  A. Digital Color = (c)   B. Digital Black & White = (b)

  • Each club member can enter one image per category.
  • Here are the size and format requirements for the your entries in the contests:

A. 1024 pixels on the longest side

B. File-size to be less than 500KB

C. sRGB color

Each image should be named in the following manner:

The file name to begin with a “c” (for color) or “b” (for black and white)_your name_Title of photo.jpg.

Please email your photos to Steve at sathomps@unitelsd.com.

Judging will be done by all the members attending the first meeting in May and December.

At the Club Banquet the Scores of the entries will be presented. The photos will be scored from 1-10 using the following factors:

  1. Impact and/or Interest
  2. Technique
  3. Composition

Prizes will be awarded for the following places:

* 1st
* 2nd
* 3rd
* 2 Honorable Mentions (no prize)