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Competitions – N4C

Sioux Falls Camera Club is a member of the N4C (North Central Camera Club Council).  So, our members can enter the N4C competitions (click the blue button for the pdf brochure). Competitions are held monthly, September through May, except for December.

There are five Digital Image Contests each month (see the definitions of each category in the N4C Rules):

Creative (DC)
Journalism (DJ)
Nature (DN)
Pictorial (DP)
Travel (DT)
Black & White (DB)

Maximum of 8 entries per club per contest, not more than one from a dues paying member in each contest

Please check your entries before sending them on for judging. Look for five things:

1. File size 500KB max.

2. Longest side 1,024 pixels max.

3. sRGB color space

4. jpg file format

5. File name should look like this example: 01,SK028,DP,Beautiful Sunset.jpg

All entries sent to me begin with 01  (I’ll renumber them as necessary.)
All entries use your Club’s entry number e.g. SK028
All entries need a defined category, e.g. DP (digital pictorial)
All entries have a title with spaces if necessary.
Digital Travel DT must be very geographically specific.
Separate each component of file name with commas.

Email photo files to:  jim@jimcraiglaw.com

a. Subject Line of the Email should include SFCC

b. Specify which monthly contest and how many images are attached to the Email.

c. Do not assume your entries have been received unless you get a confirmation from me.

d. Entries must be received by the 10th of each month at 6:00 p.m.

e. Allow yourself time for corrections that I may suggest.




(Updated 9/13/16 )